District Heating 2.0 - Decentral buffer concept for new developing areas

Installing District Heating Schemes in new developing areas is a good opportunity to realize an economic and ecologic heat supply. In the past lots of inefficient heating schemes became installed due to lack of experience – fortunately this has changed. By using diversity, lower temperatures and smart controlled systems the efficiency of Heat Networks can be improved significantly.

District Heating = District Heating? Definitely not!

With a decentral buffer concept an even better efficiency can be achieved. Instead of installing in each property a standard HIU, now decentral buffer storages (600l) could be installed. This helps to re-duce the peak head demand what enables downsizing.

The efficiency can still be increased in combination with a smart control, the running costs can be reduced significantly – especial in summer, when just little heat is required for DHW.

The innovative decentral buffer concept is highly efficient and helps to increase profitability of District Heating Schemes!


ENERPIPE has lots of experience in the design, supply and operation of District Heating Schemes. We are more than happy to help developing your upcoming projects.

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District heating DH insulated pipes

District heating DH insulated pipes

District heating DH insulated pipes

District heating DH insulated pipes

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