INNOVATION: New-developed Control Heater for Power-to-Heat

The new developed control heater enables operators of cogeneration units an effective use of negative balancing energy.

Effective use of balancing energy - Power-to-Heat

Up to now, the provision of balancing energy via direct marketers was associated with disadvantages for the operation of a cogeneration unit as by a short-term switching-off the technology is strained unnecessarily.

The new developed controlled heater of ENERPIPE solves this problem and allows the provision of negative balancing energy during continuous operation. The cogeneration unit can be disconnected completely, but is able to work on at half load. The electricity produced is supplied into the controlled heater and ensures a continuous operation of the connected district heating system.

The advantages of the new technology Power-to-Heat:

  • More profit by providing negative balancing energy
  • Reliable operation of district heating systems
  • Protection of the technology of the unit
  • Basic guarantee in case of accident
  • Rapid return on investment


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Control cabinet for Power-to-Heat

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