Power-to-Heat: Two controlled heaters in containers for North Germany

The farmer Hans-Ulrich Martensen from Sönnebüll has a heating network, which is operated with a CHP plant. One satellite CHP plant is close to a clinic and supplies it with heat, the other CHP plant is directly at his farmhouse. Both energy sources are extended by one Power-to-Heat plant each from ENERPIPE.

Weatherproof Container

Both EnerHEAT R-EH 400kW and 500kW are located in a special purpose-made container and resist wind and weather.

The container is frost-resistant and heat-resistant thanks to a cross ventilation with fan motor. The supply lines for power and water were arranged as required. The controlled heater inside the container was already wired with the control cabinet. Thereby the installation on-site is considerably simplified.

Mr. Martensen is extremely satisfied with the both Power-to-Heat systems. Now he is able to distribute the generated power via an electricity provider or he can use it himself for heat generation.


still empty container

connections for power and heating

closed container

Control box

Container with R-EH (controlled heater)

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