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ENERPIPE is known for innovative energy-saving heating systems that offer numerous benefits for the change in energy policy.


Our team consists of competent experts, who are constantly working on the development of new technical solutions to make the use of renewable energies even more attractive. In April 2014, ENERPIPE presented its latest coup: a controlled heater that enables the storage of green energy and additionally a buffer storage system that makes the local heating supply even more profitable.


ENERPIPE’s complete product portfolio ranges from high-insulated pipe systems and efficient control for the heat interface unit with control technology to the perfect buffer storage system.


On request, each project is supervised comprehensively, from the first consulting to the construction process to the operation of the heating network and the reliable heat supply.

In order to achieve a perfect interaction and therefore the highest quality and efficiency, all components are arranged accordingly to the individual needs.


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„By operation of our local heating network with an annual thermal input of approx. 6.800.000 kWh, 700.000 litres fuel oil can be saved in our community per year.   Werner Opitsch, board member Energiegenossenschaft Langenaltheim eG“
Werner Opitsch, Vorstand Energiegenossenschaft Langenaltheim eG