UK Partner Ingoodnic Ltd supplies the ENERPIPE products in the UK!

Our exclusive UK Partner Ingoodnic Ltd supplies the ENERPIPE products in the UK! Stock is established.


INNOVATION – CaldoCLICK sleeve system – no more bonding or shrinking

The new CaldoCLICK shroud system guarantees quick installation without time-consuming bonding or shrinking whilst at the same time connecting and insulating with the highest quality.


  • Safe and efficient heat insulation
  • Quick and easy installation without tools, shrinking or bonding
  • Exterior ribbing on the shroud ensures high static loads
  • Strainless installation by flexible sealing rings made of EPDM
  • Injection moulded parts from high quality ABS

Innovation: buffer storage especially for small local district heating networks.

Decentral buffer storage systems from ENERPIPE for a more efficient heat use.

Locally buffer storage systems of ENERPIPE minimize heat losses in district heating networks.

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„By operation of our local heating network with an annual thermal input of approx. 6.800.000 kWh, 700.000 litres fuel oil can be saved in our community per year.   Werner Opitsch, board member Energiegenossenschaft Langenaltheim eG“
Werner Opitsch, Vorstand Energiegenossenschaft Langenaltheim eG