UK Partner Ingoodnic Ltd supplies the ENERPIPE products in the UK!

Our exclusive UK Partner Ingoodnic Ltd supplies the ENERPIPE products in the UK! Stock is established.


INNOVATION – CaldoCLICK sleeve system – no more bonding or shrinking

The new CaldoCLICK shroud system guarantees quick installation without time-consuming bonding or shrinking whilst at the same time connecting and insulating with the highest quality.


  • Safe and efficient heat insulation
  • Quick and easy installation without tools, shrinking or bonding
  • Exterior ribbing on the shroud ensures high static loads
  • Strainless installation by flexible sealing rings made of EPDM
  • Injection moulded parts from high quality ABS

Innovation: buffer storage especially for small local district heating networks.

Decentral buffer storage systems from ENERPIPE for a more efficient heat use.

Locally buffer storage systems of ENERPIPE minimize heat losses in district heating networks.

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„“Sustainability and economic efficiency are not mutually exclusive. In co-operation with ENERPIPE the community Trommetsheim/Alesheim has decided to build and to put a municipal district heating system into operation in the year 2009.”   Manfred Schuster, Mayor of Alesheim“
Manfred Schuster, 1. Bürgermeister von Alesheim