R-EH Small Container 100 kW - 1 MW

The container consists of a steel frame, insulating panels in 8 cm and a lockable door. The closures are outfitted for locking cylinders to be installed by the customer. The Power-to-Heat controlled heater is wired with the control cabinet. The supplies for power and water can be arranged as required vertically or horizontally. All water carrying parts are insulated. For ventilation during summertime a cross ventilation with thermostat controlled fan motor is installed. For frost protection a frost monitor with an electric heating is also included.



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„“Sustainability and economic efficiency are not mutually exclusive. In co-operation with ENERPIPE the community Trommetsheim/Alesheim has decided to build and to put a municipal district heating system into operation in the year 2009.”   Manfred Schuster, Mayor of Alesheim“
Manfred Schuster, 1. Bürgermeister von Alesheim