Heat interface unit CAD 100-2000kW

Heat interface units

ENERPIPE supplies major heat interface units above 80 kW as connector between district or local heating conduct and the house system of the large-scale energy consumer. That is the best solution for trade, industry, big apartment buildings as well as wood chips drying stations.                                                                          Due to the individual construction of our unit the existing installation of gas-fueled or heating oil can be replaced to a perfect heat network input. It can also be combined with the existing heat system. The hydraulic and electric pre-fabrication of the unit facilitates and accelerates an easily set-up and connection on-site. Therefore an easily accessibility of all components and control technology as well as a perfect operating on the unit is provided.

  • Individually adapted to local conditions
  • Add-on construction is accessible for pallet trucks and fork-lifters
  • Ring bolts for transport are possible
  • Coated (individual colours are possible
  • Housing panel according customers request
  • Base can be adjusted in height
  • Vibration absorption
  • Noise-reduced
  • Suitable for heavy-duty

Control of building

  • DDC-controller (one heat circuit with mixer and one domestic hot water heating)
  • Controller modularly expandable
  • Output for primary valve
  • Output for one heat circuit
  • Output for tank 1
  • Output for tank 2 (circulation circuit)
  • Individual regulation depending on outdoor temperature or room temperature
  • Temperature sensor outdoor


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The product “Heat interface unit CAD 100-2000kW” has been built in the following project:

Heinersreuth: networked village community

Mühlhausen:  the local heating supply shows a general interest.

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The product Heat interface unit CAD 100-2000kW has been built in the following projects

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„“Sustainability and economic efficiency are not mutually exclusive. In co-operation with ENERPIPE the community Trommetsheim/Alesheim has decided to build and to put a municipal district heating system into operation in the year 2009.”   Manfred Schuster, Mayor of Alesheim“
Manfred Schuster, 1. Bürgermeister von Alesheim