Fresh water module 30 litre and 50 litre

The processing of drinking water especially in connection with biomass boiler is not easy. When in summer the heating boiler has to switched-on only for the fresh drinking water, the operation is not economical. But drinking water is a foodstuff and should not be stored for later use, like normal hot water. Furthermore there is a great risk that within a temperature range of 40°C the fostering of legionella and other bacteria is considerable. Despite of the known problems and disadvantages domestic hot water tanks are still widespread. Meanwhile there exist economic and efficient solutions to counteract the pathogenic agents. To solve these problems, ENERPIPE offers a method to heat up the drinking water with the help of the sanitary flow water heater.

  • Better energy utilization
  • No risk of legionella bacteria
  • No risk of germs
  • Heat insulated construction and automatic systems ventilation
  • Patented temperature control with easiest hot water temperature pre-selection
  • Hot water temperatures constantly
  • Fastest reaction times, no overshooting or undershooting of the preset tapping temperature
  • Always hot water supply without any waiting time


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