Control technology

The R-EH system carries out at regular intervals function checks of the installed components. The faults noticed at the function check can be reported via telephone dialing unit to the user. In this telephone dialing unit four phone numbers can be programmed in. In case of malfunction these four numbers are called automatically within a loop until the confirmation by one of the telephone numbers.

The following error messages can be transmitted via telephone dialing unit:

  • Error message: electrical protection
  • Error message: over-temperature
  • Error message: flow monitor


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„By operation of our local heating network with an annual thermal input of approx. 6.800.000 kWh, 700.000 litres fuel oil can be saved in our community per year.   Werner Opitsch, board member Energiegenossenschaft Langenaltheim eG“
Werner Opitsch, Vorstand Energiegenossenschaft Langenaltheim eG