Layer Buffer Storage SPDL-H

Suitable for one building with feeder pump, up to 80.000 kWh – including high performance hygienic exchanger:

  • Hygienic heating of drinking water by internal stainless steel corrugated pipe
  • No system separation, thereby the buffer loading time is shortened
  • Speed controlled buffer loading/or feeder pump for a clean layering
  • No system separation with plate heat exchanger and therefore no mixing of heating water
  • Switching valve to increase the flow temperature
  • Layer pipe for a clean layering of return temperature
  • Separation panel to reduce a mixing inside the buffer storage
  • Excellent insulation of 125mm insulating material

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„“The potential for heat, which is generated entirely from renewable sources, is enormous. We want to help our customers to be able to utilize the available resources in the best possible way.”             Ludwig Heinloth, director of ENERPIPE“
Ludwig Heinloth, Geschäftsführer ENERPIPE